Guangdong Tongzhou International Freight Forwarders Co., Ltd. is a nationally first-grade international freight forwarder limited company which is jointly invested by Guangdong Hengtong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Jinzhou Economic Development Co., Ltd. and approved by National Department of Commerce. It was founded in August, 2004 with the registered capital being RMB 5,000,000. It is mainly engaged in international transportation agency business of cargo imported and exported by sea, by land and by air, canvassing cargo, booking ships, inspection declaration, insurance, customs transfer, transshipment, express transportation, transit transportation, land transportation, express agency, consulting service and so on.
   The airport branch is the sub-company set up in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and is mainly in charge of relative business of the customs administrative zone of Baiyun Airport, namely expression supervision center of the airport and Guangzhou Customs garrison at the airport. 
   After being approved by the Customs, the branch company carries out exclusive customs clearance business based on ordinary business scope such as collecting duties after releasing, lading urgent cargo (24-hour customs clearance for fresh, urgent and special cargo), several-point customs declaration (Customers declare and have duties collected at local Customs and then examined and approved at the airport.), customs declaration in the air, customs transfer, private passage and self-operated supervised warehouse. We have exclusive transportation vehicles for customs transfer and excusive commodity inspection declaration which improve the customs clearance efficiency to a great degree. There are a large number of high-quality, competent, diligent, aggressive and energetic excellent staff members. We have become one of the international freight forwarders enjoying the most customs clearance agents and inspection declaration agents and the highest customs clearance efficiency. In fact we have won unanimous praise from customers. With the operation concept of unity, practice, exploration and innovation and the service tenet of satisfying customers, we take great pains in offering customers with comprehensive and excellent service. 
   Main Business of Airport Branch: (1) Strong Customs Clearance: Embodies in customs declaration capability and efficiency of import and export cargo of the airport and express vehicle course, such as the electromechanical and automobile accessories which are most difficult during declaration; essence, flavor and other chemicals enjoying rather high requirement for classification; freezing products enjoying the highest requirement for timeliness. (2) Comprehensive Transportation and Service Capability for Customs Transfer of Import and Export: Various forms of customs transfer by land, from by air to by land and by air, secondary customs transfer, transit cargo, truck flight as well as multi-point customs declaration upon customer request. We organically connect import and export business of different provinces, regions and customs and truly realize the value of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport as the airline link in spreading places over the country, radiating to Asia and connecting Europe, Asia, America and Australia. (3) Agile Business Handling Capability: Grasp the market information in time, research international freight inclination, integrate the advantages of airport and express vehicle fleet and offer the most economical, time-saving and most profitable products for customers upon their request such as developing new transportation routes. (4) Offer the one-dragon service of door-to-door and COD and other exclusive service. (5) Consummate Customs Clearance Tracking Service: In-time customs clearance (canceling after verification) of customs declaration (customs transfer), in-time solve hot potato occurred during canceling after verification of export customs clearance and customs transfer, guarantee customers can transact free tax, inward remittance and outward remittance after customs declaration, truly realize good start and good ending for any task consigned by the customers and have customers be satisfied and carefree.  
   The business of our company develops rapidly. Now we have many foreign enterprise customers and other customers including the largest tax-paying enterprises like Guangzhou Honda and Dongfeng Honda. Meanwhile, we also have various domestic and foreign freight forwarder partners. Any enquiry or visit from your honored customers or business partners is greatly appreciated.
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Guangdong Tongzhou International Freight Forwarders Co., Ltd.
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