About Tongzhou Second-grade Customs Supervised Warehouse


Our company has a second-grade customs supervised warehouse which has an area of 420 square meters and is located atGuangzhouBaiyunInternationalAirport. The warehouse can provide quality services to our partnerships and has the following advantages:

1.   Compared with the first-grade customs supervised warehouse, the second-grade one can reduce the rental fee up to 100-300 %;

2.   It can provide more convenient services in storage, customs clearance, inspection and delivery of goods;

3.   It can reduce the cost of rental significantly especially for partnerships who have large amount of goods and have to undergo complicated procedures with the customs;

4.   The first-grade customs supervised warehouse usually charge the rental fees after the goods having been stored for 2 days without any discount, while we can offer certain discount.

5.   Our company provides services in transferring the storage from the first-grade warehouse to the second-grade one and customs clearance when requested by our partnerships.

Please contact us for co-operations and mutual benefits.



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