A. Agency transportation, customs clearance and storage of imported and export cargo airlifted at Baiyun International Airport. 
B. Transportation and customs clearance of import and export cargo through Hong Kong and Macao of Guangzhou Customs Express Center (Vehicle Course). 
C. Customs Transfer Transportation Service: 
(A). Export Customs Transfer 
1. The cargo is to be exported through Baiyun Airport or other ports: 
(1) Transfer to Beijing and Shanghai international airports and then transport to places throughout the world. Transfer by plane or vehicles acceptable. 
(2) Transfer to Hong Kong International Airport and then transport to places throughout the world. Often transfer by land. 
2. The cargo is transferred from other ports and is to be exported at Baiyun Airport: 
(1) Cargo in places around this port such as the Pearl River Delta and cargo in Guangdong province are transferred to the port by land and then deliver the cargo to foreign countries by air. 
(2) Cargo in other provinces and cities are transferred to the port by air and are to be delivered though international flight.
(3) Cargo which are transferred to the port by land or by air are once again transferred from Shenzhen or Zhuhai Customs to Hong Kong and Maocao by land and finally delivered to places over the world by air. 

(B) Import Customs Transfer 
1. Cargo imported at this port is transferred to other ports to transact customs clearance by land or by air. 
2. Cargo imported at other port is transferred to this port to transact customs clearance by land or by air. 
D. Multi-point Customs Declaration and Passage at Airport: As for cargo entering or exiting the boundary through Baiyun International Airport, enterprise can transact customs declaration procedures at local customs and Baiyun International Airport Customs is in charge of examination and letting it go. 
E. 24-hour customs clearance for fresh, special and urgent cargo. 
F. Transit Cargo Transaction: Transport cargo which is transferred from Hong Kong and Maocao and is to leave the country from Guangzhou by cargo plane and transact relative customs clearance procedures. 
G. Air Customs Declaration: After the plane holding imported cargo and express takes off in foreign countries, the airways can send electronic data of cabin to the customs, the enterprise can declare in advance with the booking note confirmed by the customs and the customs inspects and lets it go after the cargo arrives. 
H. Special Line of Commercial Inspection and Inspection Declaration: Surrogate inspection declaration business at airport. 
I. Transact special affairs like private baggage and belongings, self-carried cargo, direct re-sending consignment, temporary import and export cargo and etc. 
J. Land transportation at home and abroad, cargo transportation supervised by the customs (supervised vehicle). 
K. Door-to-door and COD service. 
L. Counseling service for customers concerned.

  Business Scope of the Airport Branch
  Second-grade Customs Supervised Warehouse



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